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Radar Remote Sensing Group

University of Cape Town

1988 - 2014

26 Years of Remote Sensing in Africa!

The RRSG was founded in 1988 and seeks to empower scientists and engineers in any field
that can benefit from research and training in remote sensing technology.


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International Radar Masters Programme

Interested in becomming an expert in rada? The UCT/CSIR Taught Masters programmes in
Radar and Electronic Defence is available at UCT. To find out more please view the
programme information at the course website: RadarMasters web site.

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Contact Details

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Prof. Mike Inggs
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Cape Town
University Private Bag
Rondebosch 7701
South Africa

Telephone: (+27 21) 650 2799
Facsimile: (+27 21) 650 3465 (International)
Fax-to-Email: 086 616 7400 (Local)
Email: michael.inggs@uct.ac.za



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