Benson Chan

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town


I am currently working on my MSc research project, which deals with PCL (Passive Coherent Location), and am affiliated with the RRSG (Radar Remote Sensing Group) at the University of Cape Town.

Undergraduate Research Project

My undergraduate final year project at UCT was Receiver Site Optimisation for Passive Coherent Location (PCL) Radar System. I was supervised by Prof M. Inggs and Dr Y. Paichard.

Postgraduate Research Project

My MSc work, supervised by Dr Y. Paichard, is a continuation of my undergraduate final year project in terms of its focus on PCL systems.

One of the main problems of PCL systems is that the power of the direct signal is much higher than the power of the signal reflected by the target. We have shown than, in a bistatic radar system (one transmitter and one receiver), the coverage area is limited more by the direct signal interference than the noise at the receiver. This study has been done using accurate prediction tools – AMP (Advanced Propagation Model) & AREPS (Advanced Refractive Effects Prediction System), which designed by the US navy and including relevant regional terrain and atmospheric data of the Western Cape.

Additonal studies are required to accurately predict the radar coverage and analyse the effects of Radar Cross Section (RCS) of the target in a MIMO (Multiple-Inputs-Multiple-Outputs) configuration. Accurate coverage predictions are essential to prove the viability of the PCL concept in a civil or military context. They are also required to determine the best locations for the receivers.

The objectives of my MSc project are to:

Contact Details

Office Address: Radar Remote Sensing Group (RRSG),

Laboratory 3, 7th Floor, Menzies Building,

Upper Campus, University of Cape Town,

Cape Town, South Africa

Postal Address: P.O. Box 34043, Rhodes Gift,

Cape Town, 7707, South Africa

Tel. (office): 021-6503756

Cellphone: 0725314188