Jason Manley

My background and work performed to date:

I have had a passion for electronics since an early age, often spending my free time building timers, power supplies and audio amplifiers for use around the house. After school, I decided to develop my hobby into a career. I completed my undergraduate BSc Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town in 2006. My primary interests are in analogue electronics and digital embedded systems. My final year undergraduate project required me to design and construct an embedded device capable of remotely monitoring the movement of RFID tagged penguins on Robben Island using a GPRS-based uplink. A copy of the report can be found here.

With a keen interest in technology in general, I am a part-time electronics design and software consultant. I have been contracted to design and construct various prototypes for demonstration purposes and limited-run production in short time-frames. Examples of such projects include a safety device for a Spoornet contractor as well as landing-light controllers which are currently used in privately-owned aeroplanes. On the software front, I began programming in high-school with Turbo Pascal and have continued to learn Java and C/C++. Although my language of choice is C, in 2006-2007 I completed contracts for the development of a Java application with location-based services for use on mobile phones.

Other interests include high-power Hi-Fi audio: Being a bit of an audiophile, I constructed a surround-sound system including a monstrous 12" custom boxed 900 Watt subwoofer during my second undergraduate year. Focus was placed on producing a high quality sound within a limited budget.

Current work:

I am registered at the University of Cape Town for MSc Engineering under Professor Michael Inggs. My project involves porting of a software platform for high performance reconfigurable computing. I am currently based at the KAT offices in Pinelands.

Contact Details:

Jason Manley
Lonsdale Building
Lonsdale Road
South Africa
Office ph: +27 21 531 7282
email: jason_manley'at'hotmail.com