Lance Williams

Undergraduate Work


My undergraduate thesis involved experimenting with an electromagnetic system. The aim was to use an electronically reproduced Meissner effect to achieve electromagnetic levitation of a bar magnet.


Postgraduate Work


Master’s Degree Project Abstract

The full range of radar types and innovations can be complex and difficult to prototype, especially for institutions that wish to perform a wide range of experiments for low financial cost. Radar and sonar system development can benefit from digital technology that is powerful for research purposes, easy to use, and inexpensive. The purpose of this thesis was the development of a sonar application using the Universal Software Radio Peripheral and the GNU Radio software framework. These are Open Source tools created for the software-defined radio community. These tools provide a powerful yet flexible means to experiment with a wide range of radio frequency applications, using a minimal amount of relatively cheap hardware. In this thesis, these tools were modified from their original telecommunications purpose, to produce a sonar system that could eventually be used to emulate a prototype radar system using the same device and software framework.


Figure: System Block Diagram


System Functionality

• User-defined waveform generation using GNU Radio processing blocks.

• Successful waveform sample set transfer to, and storage within the FPGA.

• Accurate transmission of the waveform stored in the FPGA.

• Fully adjustable PRI controller.

• Accurate triggering of the transmission process governed by the PRI.

• Adjustable digitization delay.

• Fully adjustable receive window.

• Accurate reception of received data transferred to the host computer from the USRP.

• Successful gathering and archiving of received data using GNU Radio processing blocks.

• Development of driver and filter circuitry that was able to adequately perform for sonar testing purposes in a lab environment.




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