Tsung-Jui Hsieh

Bsc. Eng. Mechatronics, University of Cape Town (UCT)


I matriculated from Rondebosch Boys' High School (RBHS) in 2004 and graduated at UCT in 2008. I am now beginning my Msc in electrical engineering under the supervision of Prof. Mike Inggs. I am based at the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC).

Undergraduate Thesis:

Recently Nintendo developed a new gaming device called the Wii Remote (Wiimote). It allows users to interact directly with the games by simply swinging the Wiimote around in their hands. My thesis was to adapt the Wiimote to track the motion of a person's head. I tested it through a 3D desktop environment which I have created.

Masters Thesis:

The topic of my current research is FPGA's.


Sport Activity: Aikido

Other: Manga and Anime appreciation

Contact Details:

E-mail Address: ray6402@gmail.com

Cell Phone: 082 971 6771