right-hand-pointer !!! New !!!  Finally sorted out the $%&$&^ng graphics problem in Lyx
right-hand-pointerTale of the Blue Super bright LEDs
right-hand-pointer Microsoft Visio 2007 with RF Shapes are nice. Check out some of the RF shapes you can use.

pic of me

Hi all!

My name is Roufurd Julie, and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

I am a doing a MSc in Electronic Engineering at the University of Cape Town. You can find info on my Research here.

For a biography on me.

I am affiliated to Radar and Remote Sensing Group @ University of Cape Town. You can find more info at rrsg.ee.uct.ac.za

I am a member of the SAIEE. You can read more about that at www.saiee.org.za

I am also a student member of the IEEE. More info at www.ieee.org

You can email me at roufurd.julie @ gmail dot com