Bsc electrical engineering





I am Chadian citizen, currently a final year PhD student at the university of Cape Town. My Thesis Topic is 'On improving the performance of the Gauss Newton Filter'. The Gauss-Newton Filter is a tracking filter developped by Dr Norman Morrison. My main contribution is the derivaton of a recursive form of the filter that improves its computational requirements. Other improvments include the adaptation of the filter to Levenberg-Marquadt algorithm that enables self intialization and improves tracking in highly non-linear environment.



I did my primary and high school in Chad. I came to South Africa in 2003 and registered for matriculation in the same year. I started my undergrad at UCT in 2004 for the degree of bachelor in electrical engineering which I completed in 2007.After my graduation I had a six month spell in the oil industry before returning at UCT for my Msc.

Undergraduate Theses

My undergraduate thesis was about design of vector network analyzer using PC sound card under Linux. The work consisted of generating sine waves at different frequencies that were written to the sound card from python programs. The output signal goes through a device under test circuitry and then recorded from soundcard analog input. The recorded data was used to analyze the frequency and phase response of the device. The project was carried out under the supervision of Prof Andrew Wilkinson.


PhD Thesis


My PhD research is being supervised by Prof Michael Inggs.