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Shanly Rajan

Department of Electrical Engineering,University of Cape Town

B.Eng. (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)(First Class with Distinction),MG University

"Dream is not what you see in sleep. It is something that does not let you sleep" - Abdul Kalam

Background I am a currently doing my MSc at UCT and work at the KAT offices in Pinelands. Born in Nigeria, brought up in Dubai,India completed BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in India. Dedication and perseverance are the strong attributes i possess that keeps me moving in the survival of the fittest race.
Undergraduate Research Project
(MG University,India)
Optical Wireless LAN

  • Supervisor : Dr. P.T.Ajith Kumar
  • Cosupervisor : Er Shoby B Mathew
This project demonstrates an innovative though presently slightly used method of optical data communication.As the name suggests,its a wireless local area network exploiting the potential of light,specifically the Laser.This circuit enables data communication between any two computers with serial(RS-232) commmunication capability.The software used in this project allows simultaneous transfer of more than one file by multiplexing.The circuit allows full-duplex communication and has a range of upto 200m.Solid state laser is used as optical source.The prototype was designed for server and one client.

Postgraduate Research Project
Automated Gateware Discovery using Open Firmware

  • Supervisor : Prof Mike Inggs
  • Cosupervisor : Dr Marc Welz
  • Required resources
    • Hardware : ROACH board
    • Software : uboot
The objective of the project is to develop and implement an automated gateware detection mechanism using Open Firmware for the ROACH platform. The project will involve modifying and extending the capabilities of the U-Boot flat device tree. Open Firmware defined by IEEE standard 1275-1994 is a hardware independent firmware (computer software which loads the operating system) that can be used on different processors and buses. It is an interactive firmware system that can do boot loading, system test and diagnostics. U-Boot is a bootloader for a number of different computer architectures of which ppc and powerpc architectures are of interest to this project. The flattened device tree structure of U-Boot draws similarity with the Open Firmware device tree structure. The project implementation would enable automatic detection of gateware images loaded to ROACH reconfigurable hardware (FPGAs) with the appropriate drivers, a move that leads us to firmware standardization. Firmware standardization can reduce system costs by eliminating "reinvention of wheels", providing "off the shelf" sources for firmware, eliminating unnecessary relearning of different firmware systems, reducing the effort of porting operating systems to different machines and providing a consistent and powerful base set of hardware and software debugging tools.

Relevant Experience

Throughout my career with SKA/KAT I have had experience in dealing with projects of similar nature through the tasks allotted to me. This project particularly interests me as the areas i am honing into and intending to master are Linux kernel familiarization, device driver development, C programming and gateware development. My present nature of work at KAT also exposes me to the world of embedded systems and FPGAs.

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"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going" - Jim Ryuan