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Welcome to the homepage of Sebastiaan Heunis. I am originally from the University of Pretoria where I completed my B.Eng (Computer Engineering) degree at the end of 2007. I am currently busy with my M.Sc in radar and remote sensing at the University of Cape Town.


20 February 2008

My thesis topic hasn't been decided yet, so I'll update this section as soon as that is done. The work that I will be doing will be in the field of passive radar and Passive Coherent Location (PCL) using Software Defined Radio (SDR) techniques. Gnuradio and the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) will be used for this. At the moment I am still busy setting up Gnuradio and trying to achieve communication with the USRP in order to run a few demo applications to get acquainted with the board. When that is done, I will start to sample and digitise signals for processing.

12 March 2008

At the moment I'm playing around with Marc's simulator to try and get some output data and process it. This will help us to expect what will happen when we measure real-world signals to detect targets.

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Homepage of the RRSG at UCT
Ettus Research - Manufacturers of the USRP
Wikipedia page on PCL

Last updated on 12 March 2008