A Ground Penetrating Radar for Landmine Detection


Radar Measurement Page


WB00882_.gif (970 bytes) Instructions

Click on Radar image to see the complete processed data. Please note that not all the measurements work. I am presently in the process of adding data to this. So if your want more results or raw data watch this page!

WB00882_.gif (970 bytes) Matlab(TM) Files

Soon to be added! These files will enable you to load and display the raw data.

WB00882_.gif (970 bytes) Table of Results

Click the 2D Radar Image to see detailed plots of results!

Target 2D Radar Image Download raw data
Lmetball_s.jpg (2092 bytes) Im_lmb_s.jpg (1871 bytes)


Smetball_s.jpg (1715 bytes) Radar Images of a metal cylinder


Metcyl_s.jpg (1848 bytes) Radar Image of a metal cylinder


Polymine_s.jpg (1595 bytes) Im_pm_r_s.jpg (2337 bytes)


Tefmine_s.jpg (1625 bytes) Im_tm_r_s.jpg (2212 bytes)



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